Will M$ ener the music subscription service with the new xbox 360?

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Sometime I think that M$ will use their upcoming xbox 360 as their trojan horse into the music subscription biz. While its been rumored that the new xbox will not come standard with a harddrive but I wouldnt be surprised to see M$ not only offer an optional hard drive but also a ipod-like device that will be used for game back-up/storage but would be used for music and later for portable games if M$ release one with a color screen.

I can envision M$ selling an unlimited music subscription service on their LIVE service for an extra $5-$10 a month that would give you unlimited access to their music libary. Since the xbox 360 will not be able to burn cd's or make copies M$ could convince the music industry to join them. M$ is willing to lose money on the hardware (Apple must make a profit on hardware) knowing they can make a killing on licensing games and selling monthly subscriptions to a host of different services and sell xbox ipod-like devices at a profit too.

I think Apple knows this coming and thats why they hired a former M$ employee who was involved in M$ LIVE. This could be why Apple announced they are considering offering a susbscription service for itunes to combat against napster but more importantly M$.

Who know M$ could alway buy napster.


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    johnsocaljohnsocal Posts: 193member
    he slot on the right looks about the size to insert an ipod-like storage device doesn?t it?

    Im not sure if the pics are real or just an artist impression but its interesting to say the least.

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    wow, that could actually get some buzz if it were true
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    johnsocaljohnsocal Posts: 193member
    Apples stuff will always be superior in my opinion but if M$ decided to enter the music business by offering a $5-10 monthly subscription charge on LIVE it would certainly make things interesting.

    Im sure Apple will unveil their new ipods this June and will most likely launch their new optional itunes subscription service to go along with it and beat M$ to the punch since the xbox 360 won't launch until this Oct/Nov.
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