HOW can I re-install "FontBook"?

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Hello dear Experts,

as silly as I was,I deleted FontBook some time ago,due to having font problems.

Now when I run "Pacifist" and the install CDs,the App is nowhere to be found.

How can I re-install it without a System re-installation?

thank You for Your support


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    dobbydobby Posts: 794member
    If you just trashed the app from the Applications dir then copying the app from another machine should suffice.

    I can dropstuff the into a .sitx file for you to unpack if you wish.

    Send me a private message and I'll e-mail it to you.


    PS. Give me a day or 2 to respond as sometime work takes up all my time.
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    fahlmanfahlman Posts: 696member
    Or you can download Pacifist and use it to install Fontbook from your Mac OS X install disks.
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    Now THAT is the problem:

    fontbook cannot be found via Pacifist.

    Anyway,I got it from a helping hand stuffed as a installed app.

    and guess what-

    it works now!

    Thank You
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