Scanning problem with the HP psc 2210

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I received my HP psc 2210 yesterday. First thing that I tried is scanning. The default scanning is 150 X 150. The software choices are 200 X 200, 300 X 300, 600 X 600, 1200 X 1200, 2400 X 2400, 3600 X 3600, 4800 X 4800 (Enhanced), 9600 X 9600 (Enhanced), 19200 X 19200 (Enhanced). The DPIs above 1200 are for Windows. I can scan my photos fine uptill 600 X 600. However, when I scan at 1200 X 1200 I see stripes up and down my photos when I look at them with any photo viewing software (Preview, JViews, Photoshop Elements, even HP's own HP Photo and Imaging Gallery). Anyone have any scanning tips? Also, for anyone who knows or owns the HP psc 2210, am I correct that I should be able to scan at 1200 X 1200, or is 600 X 600 the limit? The docs for the HP say 1200 X 2400 (is that possibly for Windows only?).
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