how good is ProView ??

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Anyone know how good ProView? is??

Found this on

Also how good is



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    mikefmikef Posts: 698member
    ProView's CRT monitors were bottom of the barrel when it came to quality. Since only a few LCD panel manufacturers exist, it's obviously somebody else's panel. The rest is ProView.

    With that said, cheapest is NEVER best.
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    splinemodelsplinemodel Posts: 7,311member
    newegg is a fine place to buy stuff.

    Don't skimp on your monitor. Really, it's the most imporant part of the computer.
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    dmzdmz Posts: 5,775member
    I have two, one of which has been a secondary monitor for over two years. The other has been in service for three-four months. No problems yet.
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