Swapping iBook SE hard-drive .... can I ?

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I wish to replace the 10 gig HD in my iBook SE (clamshell) ... does anyone have any experience with this ?

can it be done by an amateur ? I don't mind opening the case, I just don't want to have to do TOO MUCH dissassembly of internal components.


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    aslan^aslan^ Posts: 599member
    XLR8yourmac.com has articles (some with pictures) on how to do this. I had to change the HDD on my ibook after it died, it wasnt easy (for me anyway) but I did it, took me about three hours.

    Oh and yes Im definately an amatuer, also my ibook is an ibook2, clamshells look easier to do.

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    lixlix Posts: 56member
    I upgraded my Blueberry 300 from 3Gb to 6Gb not long after I bought it using the instructions <a href="http://www.caslis.com/mac/ibook/ibdrive.html"; target="_blank">here</a>
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    Thanks for the help ... I'd never been to XLR8 before ... informative site !!!

    Looks like a fairly straightforward task, but I have 4 small kids running around the house .... greatly increases the risk-factor.

    Since I'll just be trading to a pBook before too long, I think I'll just go with an external HD for now (that way it can also be used with the iMac).
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