MicroNet's MiniMate

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Anyone care to speculate on the possibilities?


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    sworthysworthy Posts: 71member
    The slices are starting to happen! Can't wait until one has tv and rca inputs.
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    Originally posted by sworthy

    The slices are starting to happen! Can't wait until one has tv and rca inputs.

    and outputs.

    I sadly miss those analog plugs on the back of those beige macs.. the 8600s.. the G3s... sigh...
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    ionyzionyz Posts: 491member
    There isn't a larger thread in all of AI on the MiniMate!? Eeghad!

    I'd like to know:[list=1][*]Why they shipped it with _long_ firewire/USB cables when they could have just used patch cables. Right right, freedom to place the unit 3 feet away even though it was clearly design to be stacked.

    [*]Which hard drive units it uses, manufacturer, model numbers, etc. I've looked at G-tech but with Hitachi drives I doubt I could stand their inconsistent meow every now and then without a fan or well, a solid body (non-perforated) to muffle the noise.

    [*]Why they didn't add a few more ports, namely Firewire. It may look like a lot but once its setup your losing ports on both units (because they need to be connected). You net 1 extra firewire port. Great.

    [*]They didn't place USB/FireWire ports, oh, anywhere besides the back. Front-mounted, side-mounted, stealthed somewhere, just make it more accessible.

    [*]Pricing is hard to justify. Your paying a good deal for design matching.[/list=1]All and all these are nitpicking but nits that need to be picked. I'd like to hear what others have to say, see some independent reviews, all that good stuff before plopping down $250 (for 250 GB, $1/GB, ouch).
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