total death, triple tone, long tone, quadruple blinking lights then ...

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I made a post here a few hours ago and as I pressed reply, my PB hung. Couldnt force quit. Did a cold restart.

As it turned on, the startup tone was currupted and all of a sudden the power light blinked 4 times in succession.


Took out battery, reset PRAM, nada. Just long tone and blinking litght.

I tried it a few times. I tried booting from Panther CD. Nada.

Crap crap.

I then wanted to eject it and at startup I pressed down the keypad button. Nada. I tried keeping down the keypad and the spacebar and power... .and all of a suddem "TTOOOOOOONG" startup chime... HD turning... boots. grey screen... login. IMMEDIATE BACKUP of everything to external HD (luckily was just preparing to erase and install Tiger all day).

I have teh PB12 inch 1.33GHz Technical Manual and I read that a quad blinking light (or is that chime?) means possible RAM trouble, or, logic board.

Are there any apps (official or non) that can verify this? This is the first and only time I had a porblem with this computer in 8 months... and its a bit weird.

So far, 2 hours later, everything still running fine.

Sugestions? Shoud I bring immediately to Apple center? Or just "live with it"? I luckily bought a 3 year Protection Plan anyway...


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    There is one more thing to check out.. and my instinct says it is involved: the power management system. You can reset this, but the instructions to do this differ from model to model (check your manual).
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