PowerBook G4 12" Display vs iBook Display

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I've heard it looks washed out in comparison. That is very true on mine. However when I Calibrated and switch the gamme to either PC Gamma or I select "Generic RGB" it looks so much better. I don't know about Apple and their "recommendations"--they apparently did a shittacular job calibrating its display for ColorSync. It just looks so washed out if you don't turn down the gamma. edit: however once you do it looks even better than the iBook!

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    I noticed this too, untill I calibrated it myself, then whoa, Bliss. Yep, iDunno exactly what Apple was thinking whenthey calibrated this display to their own settings. Just a note, Apple, but notebook displays will often be in less than ideal settings. Think Contrast! contrast contrast. The Apple setting is nice, if you're in a perfect environment, but laptops often won't be. What they should do is provide a few more generic profiles for different lighting conditions.
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    My iBook's (purchased July, 2002) screen was also totally washed-out when I took is out of the box. So much so that I didn't think I'd be able to keep it. After calibrating the screen, perfect. It's as if Apple doesn't color-calibrate their portables' screens before they box them up.
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    One more: I purchased the 800 on the day it was released, and 10 minutes after I booted I was ready to return the thing due to the miserable screen. The screen on my 700 was damn fine, and I expected the same . . . then this washed-out, blurry liquid crystal excuse of a display . . . and at the 11th minute I realized, that maybe with some fiddling and fussing the screen would be ok. Which it was.

    And by the way, the 12" Ti (or whatever you want to call it, I prefer "Twiki" (and that is a reference)) . . .same screen, same problem. Yesterday I fiddled and fussed at the Albany, NY Apple store and managed to salvage the screen.
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