Apple to buy Fingerworks?

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heard a rumour that fingerworks will be bought out (or already was bought out) by a big hard- and software-manufacturer... could this be apple? anyone heard about that?

more on fingerworks:


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    That would be great!

    Input devices really need to evolve. I have always felt that the way we interact with computers right now can be greatly improved.
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    That's some terribly polarizing hardware for a standard offering. I for one would be seriously weirded out not having positive feedback from keys; I bet I could soldier through the acclimatization process but I doubt the majority would.
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    What makes it switch between mouse and keyboard mode?
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    krassykrassy Posts: 595member

    Originally posted by WhiteRabbit

    What makes it switch between mouse and keyboard mode?

    it's just gesture vs. tap ... difficult to type on that thing but i think the gesture technology could be used for many purposes. the typing stuff is not the best solution i think. maybe speech recognition would be a better typing-alternative.
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