SCSI --> FireWire Adapters?

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I'm putting together a rackmounted iMac as a multipurpose server for my home network here. One of its duties is to run a Retrospect Backup Server. This is currently being handled by a machine with an Ultra LVD SCSI card in it, with a Micro DB68 cable going from the box to the tape drive.

Obviously, the iMac doesn't have built-in SCSI, nor a way to really add it. So, are there any decent FireWire to SCSI adapters that are reliable? Someone point me in a good direction?


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    Oog. I don't envy you. I went through this a couple of years ago and it was a nightmare....and all for a 100mb Zip Drive!

    I can tell you what not to buy: OrangeMicro. I bought a converter from them and it was an absolute nightmare. Works...won''t...etc. I ended up getting a <a href=""; target="_blank">Microtech</a> converter instead and it seemed to have minimal problems, although it was slow as hell (5-10mb/sec). <a href=" 100393" target="_blank">Belkin</a> makes a similar model, although it looks like they both use a DB25 female connector so I would expect it's just as slow. I've never come across a HD68 converter (if you do, please let me know), the closest I've found is from <a href=""; target="_blank">Initio</a> with a HD50 connector at (advertised) 20mb/sec transfer rate. I've never used this one however, so can't personally recommend it.

    I've got an iMacDV whose monitor is on the fritz and I've been thinking about turning it into one of <a href=""; target="_blank">these</a> this what you're doing as well? I'm liking this idea, and it gives me an chance to make one of <a href=""; target="_blank">these</a> babies as well!
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    Well, the AIT drive pretty much sustains a 10MB/sec or so transfer rate, so that would be just fine.

    I'm still looking for the iMac motherboard, but yeah, that's precisely what I'm planning on doing. Marathon makes a rackmount chassis for the iMac, so it would work out well. A hell of a lot quieter than the Xserve

    I'll take a look at that Initio model....

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