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Best one so far:

Finally a review that tells you things you cannot find on Apple's website. This is the best review you are going to find.

The answers to most of the technical questions asked in this forum ("The Future of Spotlight", "Spotlight, iTunes & iPhoto Index Databases") about Tiger can be found starting on Page 9

Please note that the PDF version is over 100 pages


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    VERY nice review. John gets into the guts that the dev geeks and the like really want to know about.
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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    An excellent review. Page 21 was flaky for me, though.

    John is still best as a writer when he's in high dudgeon. The paragraphs railing against the spotlight UI had me laughing out loud. But even when he isn't shaking his fist at the skies, it's a clear and informative article.

    Highly recommended.
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    kukukuku Posts: 254member
    Incredibly long.

    So long, that It's hard to pick it apart. To say "you're wrong", but it's hard when the author immediately answers, "which part" and destroys your train of thought.

    Though one thing I remember disagreeing with him on is the finder. Path finder is nice, powerful, and to me POS.

    From my own image of John, he's somewhat Obsessive-Compulsive. Everything has to flow orderly.

    Except it doesn't work when you have a wide public. I like my dirty room and my dirty finder. Sure it's a mess and all, but the simplicity of it lets you muck with it in anyway you want, efficent or not and still have it workable.

    On the other hand something like path finder which he praises so much, is too powerful in a way because it excerises order, and that screws me up because I have to follow it. Tabs, drawers, categories, it's not everyone's cup of coffee.

    Like some people who likes a desktop full of clutter even though it's bad for them, they wouldn't have it any other way, because it's their personality.
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    I'm with Kuku on the Finder. To me, Pathfinder is just an ugly heap of shareware apps thrown together. The result is a lethargic "Finder" that does everything, but nothing well. What really irks me about Pathfinder is that it reminds me of Windows. If I wanted to feel like I'm on a Wintel, I'd have saved a few hundred bucks and built my own PC.

    Does anyone know how to suck that review down? I tried DeepVacuum but it just downloads the first page and chokes. Anyone else get the whole thing down?

    Better yet, does anyone know of a mirror for the PDF file?
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    rongoldrongold Posts: 302member
    Excellent review so far. I am only on page 10 and can't wait to finish the rest.

    Here is one of my favorite bits:

    Tiger Mail toolbar. I don't know about you, but I like the Panther look a heck of a lot better. The first time I saw the new Mail toolbar, I filed a bug on it. (Radar 3968093: "Toolbar buttons in Mail 2.0 are hideously ugly.")

    Still laughing.

    In skipping ahead I see the developers tools reveal what we have coming in the future. Stuff like Scalable User Interface with a User Interface Resolution slider going from 0.5 to 3.0 X. This is on an app-by-app basis and will be nice as monitors continue to pack more pixels into existing realestate. I haven't yet of course tried this but this ability does come with Tiger I guess.

    Another thing I THINK I read in there is that all APIs are frozen for the foreseeable future. Only new one will be added.

    This is my mind makes this platform the best platform to Eever have a chance to develop on... EVER... compared to anything else out there (seriously, does anyone know of anything better or more enticing). Better than anything. We have the new version of Xcode, no worries of everchanging APIs, easy building of Dashboard Widgets (no compiling), Automator Actions, and the opportunity to develop forward thinking Spotlight Plug-ins and the big future that this technology holds.
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    hardheadhardhead Posts: 644member
    Same here. I'll have to break the reading into a couple of different times. So far- Outstanding.

    The most thorough review of an operating system I've ever seen.
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    Originally posted by rongold

    Tiger Mail toolbar. I don't know about you, but I like the Panther look a heck of a lot better. The first time I saw the new Mail toolbar, I filed a bug on it. (Radar 3968093: "Toolbar buttons in Mail 2.0 are hideously ugly.")

    And then the bug is closed as duplicate.

    Now that's funny.
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    That's not the only case of some fugly stuff being ignored in Tiger development, actually. There are some widgets in the private frameworks that have both small and large versions, and the large ones are obviously just blown up from the small ones and are pixellated. If you see a round dial type of widget that looks like that, it's Apple's fault. \

    And if you peek into the guts of Tiger, you'll find a framework called, "CoreText." First off, congrats, Amorph for guessing that earlier! (Unless of course, you cheated. :P) Anyway, it's my guess that CoreText (see TextEdit for example, and the characters palette) isn't quite baked yet, and I think it will be one of the bigger under-the-hood improvements in 10.5. So I don't know if it's strictly true that all the extant APIS are frozen just yet.
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    My eyes got teary after reading that review. Finally someone doesn't stick to the obvious.
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