Bluetooth add-on options for PM G5?

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I'd like to know if there are more options available to a person adding Bluetooth and Airport Extreme to a Powermac G5 after the fact.

It looks like getting both put in for the buyer when ordering a new one is $100 total. Buying them after the fact seems to cost $200, and the Bluetooth kit is only available from third parties that I can tell. I am aware that the Apple Certified AE card is available for $70, but I'm a lot more interested in Bluetooth.

I'd rather not use up a USB port with the USB dongle, but it's looking like the only realistic option.


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    foo219foo219 Posts: 8member
    A Belkin 802.11g card based on the Broadcom chipset (that's PCI) will plug right into your PM and will be recognized as an Airport card in 10.3 and higher. Just make sure it uses the Broadcom chipset, and most any brand should work (I use Belkin hence my mention of that brand.) Sales prices drop to $30 these days - they're cheap.

    Bluetooth - USB BT adapters are $10 on sale; most work on the Mac too.
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