For a Powerbook: 128 or 64mbVRAM

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Does the VRAM make a big difference in a powerbook? I watch a lot of videos and I want them to be smooth. Eventually I plan to buy a 20inch Cinema display and use that while I am at home. But for now I just want to make sure I will be able to view pretty much anything smoothly. Since upgrading the harddrive to 100gig from 80gig or the VRAM from 64 to 128 cost the same. What do you think is more important?


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    relicrelic Posts: 4,735member
    You can always upgrade the harddrive.
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    Simply watching DVD videos is probably not a big load on the video card. I think the bottleneck is the speed at which the computer can move the movie to the video card.

    The powerbook should be able to play DVDs just fine even with the lower card.

    But yeah, the hard drive is upgradeable and the video card is not. Unless you know you need that space, I would say go for the 128 meg card.
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