Cars, Bluetooth and Cellphones

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Yesterday I went car shopping and found out that Acura TL, Audi A4 and VW Jetta's all have bluetooth built into them. They all have lists of phones they can interact with.

Good and bad - they can receive calls coming in through your phone, but to place a call, the cars have to be pre-programmed with an addressbook, the cars cannot read off from the cell phones address book.

Each car can be paried with up to 6 bluetooth phones, but I think it is only bluetooth class 2.

does anyone have a car that works well with bluetooth and cellphone? Any recommendations?


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    The Audi A4 does not yet have bluetooth, they will start rolling out the bluetooth enabled models sometime between july and september of this year. Even if you buy a new 2006 A4 it will not have bluetooth.
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