New 12 "ibook vs. used 12"powerbook? Wanting advice

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I know that the iBook is soon to be updated. Depending on how the update goes might make my decision easier. I want to spend around $1200. So I can get a new ibook and then by another 512m-o-ram and an external 16x DVD burner. Or I can get the previous version of a powerbook (1.33ghz 256m w/ combo drive) and upgrade the ram and get the external dvd burner. I know that the powerbook option will always be more expensive. But I don't mind spending an extra 100-200 for something that will last longer.

Another downside to buying a used powerbook is I will have to pay to upgrade to Tiger.

Anyone have any advice for me? I consider myself a semi-power user. I don't do any hardcore graphics work, just basic photoshop'ing and video editing.

I'm new to the mac world. But I've been running debian/freebsd for several years. So I am open to any advice and/or opinions. Thanks!



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    ibook911ibook911 Posts: 607member
    That is a tough decision, and I think someone else can probably answer your question better. I think the slightly better performance, from the Powerbook, and the output options are worth it.
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    catman4d2catman4d2 Posts: 174member
    I have a 14 inch Ibook fully loaded with ram and every frikin option you can imagine...... It runs the heck out of logic, i have gotten 33 tracks "thats split parts" though not all running at the same time some things and audio layers jump in and out or are repeated through midi to save cpu....

    but i can do it! Imovie, I do multiple passes and layers with both audio and video effects Im working on a small fun star wars video movie with three different environmental effects and 4 different tracks of audio going at once

    I LOVE THE IBOOKS,I dont see why photoshop wouldnt work great on one "Although check your work,Email it to some of your buddies that have a crt or somthing for proper color saturation"and if apple updates them per their usual fashion the 12`s should come in at as fast and furious as the current and top end 14 incher.

    Either way your looking at the best notebook computers out there...

    and if you can afford it go with the powerbook,im not a gamer and i dont need the extra ports or graphics so i went with an ibook. cheers mate

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