ibooks and emacs with tiger

in macOS edited January 2014
I was wondering if anyone has installed Tiger on their iBook or eMac. I have both (12" - 1.2 and 768mb ram and 1.25 with 1gb ram) and was wondering how Tiger is running. I know some things won't work (ripple, etc.) but I was wondering if it just runs extremely slow or anything. Please let me know, as I'm holding off on purchasing until hearing success stories.


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    mpmoriartympmoriarty Posts: 289member
    Runs fine on my 933MHz iBook G4. Spotlight seems a little laggy here and there, but runs fine.
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    eekles77eekles77 Posts: 58member
    Tiger runs great on my 1ghz G4 iBook with 768MB. I have noticed no delays and everything works great!
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