Tiger and iBook G4 Video Requirements

in macOS edited January 2014
I have an 800 MHz iBook G4 with a 32 MB Ati Radeon 9200. I'm running Panther and I've modified the firmware so I can use extended desktop. I have two displays: 1024x768 (built-in) and 1800x1200 (external).

Although this is a very large resolution for an iBook which is not designed for extended desktop, using the external display does not slow it down too much, unless I have very large numbers of processor-intensive windows open.

However I've seen posts here which say even 64 MB VRAM is not enough to run extended desktop on Tiger. Is this true? Will extended desktop cause problems for me if I upgrade to Tiger? Or can I just disable features when using two displays so that I get at least as good performance as I do currently.

Going further, which new graphics features of Tiger will my 9200 support? Apparently for Core Image I need a 9600 or higher - but the numbers of the Ati range of GPUs don't seem to go in order of power. Also, there is some discrepancy as to whether the requirements for Quartz 2D Extreme are the same as Core Image - and the Apple website does not make it clear as to whether Quartz Extreme and Quartz 2D Extreme are now classed as the same thing.

Any advice to clarify any of the topics would be very helpful.


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