IDVD makes a drop zone clip I dont want, for me. :(

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When i go to drop a clip onto a drop zone,Some other clip shows up in the drop zone... a clip i dont want, the main menu shows and plays music for 30 seconds so i tried to set it to the exact length of my chosen clip but that didnt work....

No matter what clip i choose it doesnt show up,only the clip Idvd Keeps choosing, its my third scene clip over and over again when i want scene 22

dammit! as an experiement i tried closing, restarting, trying different clips and themes and like a magnet bang every time in that same or any drop zone comes that clip again no matter what i do.... should i trash and reinstall IDVD?

Thanks for the help....... Catman

p.s. I have also janitored and repaired disk permissions and all that as well

Nothing seems to work unless i can learn to love the damn shoddy clip IDVD keeps choosing for me.......


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    ipodandimacipodandimac Posts: 3,273member
    first off, turn off motion for the dvd menu so you can see what is going on. After you drop a clip in, you'll notice (if you mouse around the top of the clip's dropzone or click it) that there is a slider. that let's you choose where the clip starts.

    actually, i just remembered that i used to have problems in iDVD with this. what happens is that sometimes iDVD will remember the material from the first clip you put in a drop zone. for example, if you drop in a clip of kittens, kittens will be playing, but then if you drop a clip of dogs in, it will still play kittens. it's because you already assigned an asset to that button (or drop zone). Before you drop in a clip, experiment until you figure out how to remove an asset (i can't remember right now). if it's a gray, blank dropzone, you shouldn't have problems.

    if you still have problems after all of this, create a new clip from iMovie or Final Cut (whatever you're using) that is only to be used for that specific dropzone. I do this all the time for dvd's. that way i know i'm not messing around at all with my source material, and i can make a "dvd menu" version of my edit that shows exciting parts of the scene or clip.

    whew, just woke up. hope this helps.
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    catman4d2catman4d2 Posts: 174member
    Thanks so much for the respone.... in typing in "Drop zone" into the search on the apple support page i found out this is an all too common problem...

    And The solution was to drag the clip i want onto the desktop.... and then open up a new project in Imoviehd and then drag it there i found that the clip i wanted was not a clip but the whole movie from scene three on so... I

    thought the only way to do this is re edit the clip trim off the other hour or so....... rename it twice and add an effect so that it resembles what i want but is far and away a whole nother clip..... and bang dragged it where i wanted it on my themes main menu for my dvd and it worked perfectly now i have a great DvD!!!!

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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    I thought you COULDN'T set the beginnings of drop-zone clips?
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