Jobs Officially Announced Keynote At WWDC

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CUPERTINO, Calif., May 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Apple(R) today announced that Steve Jobs will kick off its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a keynote on Monday, June 6, 2005, beginning at 10:00 a.m. at San Francisco's Moscone West.

The five-day event, which runs from June 6 to June 10, will host more than 140 technical sessions with new content designed to serve a wide range of Mac developers, including tracks for making the most of Mac OS(R) X version 10.4 "Tiger," hands-on labs with the latest Mac(R) systems and a unique opportunity to work developer-to-developer with the Apple engineers who created Tiger.

Other activities at Apple's WWDC 2005 include:

-- an in-depth look at Tiger technologies, from its open source foundation to innovative application frameworks, next generation development tools and its more than 200 new features including Spotlight(TM), Dashboard, Automator, Core Data, .Mac Sync and more;

-- detailed technical information and guidance to make the most of Tiger and other technologies including special sessions on creating Dashboard Widgets, writing a Spotlight plug-in, and implementing Sync Services in applications;

-- an Enterprise IT track helping enterprise developers, system administrators and IT managers to make the most of the core technologies in Tiger and fully leverage them in their environments;

-- hands-on labs highlighting new tools and techniques for accelerating applications, including one to help developers migrate projects to Xcode;

-- comprehensive sessions where developers can learn firsthand Apple Engineering's own coding strategies and best practices for leveraging technologies like Spotlight, Core Image, Xgrid, Core Data and Quartz Composer; and

-- special events and activities such as the opening night's Apple Developer Connection Reception, Apple Design Awards, Stump the Experts and Late Night Labs.


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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,392member

    I don't think this signifies new hardware but I'm wondering if Apple is going to announce new software that pertains to developer. I'm not sure he's going to be exciting in a keynote talking about features already announced.
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    trobertstroberts Posts: 702member
    Steve said this is the "year of HD", Tiger is out, and the iBooks are due for a refresh so I am hoping the iBook gets a redesign (i.e. widescreen, but still white to go with the iMac) and is unveiled at WWDC2005. At the very least it should get a graphics card that supports Core Image even if it remains at 32MB, but maybe a 64MB BTO option on the high-end model.
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    ipodandimacipodandimac Posts: 3,273member
    it always makes headlines when steve is announced as a keynote speaker, but really it's never news. i mean other than the one time he had surgery for cancer, he's always been the speaker.
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