What would I use Bluetooth for?

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I'm about to order a dual 2GHz PM and I'm wondering if oneof these days I'll own anything that would make Bluetooth worthwhile. I know it's only $50, but I'm already splurging by getting more than I need for what I'll be doing.

I don't need a wireless keyboard but a cordless mouse is almost a neccessity and I will be replacing my current one with another Logitech.

My cell phone isn't that high-tech and doesn't need to be unless they produce a cheap PDA/Cell phone to replace by iCal-iPod system.

Is there going to be a usage for Bluetooth oher than the Apple keyboard/mouse, cell phone, and PDAs?


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    zozo Posts: 3,117member
    You can also use the bluetooth headsets normally used with you cell phone. So, Skype and iChat audio conferencing become wireless experiences.

    Since its a Powermac, you can always get a USB Dongle that probably retail for 20-40$ later and just stick it out from any available port.
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