NetBoot OS X Server 10.2

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What is the procedure to have a boot on my server so my other G4 Tower can boot from Tiger Install CD?

Or will it even work? (My tower doesnt' have DVD but my server does.)

Is it suppose to be a NetInstall? shrugs.. i did one image and its Netboot.. with permissions enabled (on the disc -> info..uncheck the box to ignore permissions) . I also made sure DHCP/Netboot was turned on.

I restarted the G4 Tower and it shows a blinking blue globe then after a while the os 9 symbol + ? ... then boots normally.

Any suggestions? Anything I need to know? The server is running "OS X Server 10.2"


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    dobbydobby Posts: 796member
    Insert Tiger CD in Server.

    Connect firewire cable between server and G4.

    boot G4 and hold down T (i think its called Target mode or something).

    You should now be able to install of the DVD drive from the other machine.

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    xav3xxav3x Posts: 36member
    wow thats it huh.. just a firewire cable.. jeez.. alrite .. i'll post up after success. thanks Dobby.
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    dobbydobby Posts: 796member
    Sorry xav3x, I've led you astray. You can only mount hard drives and not removables.

    I'm just testing whether you can clone the dvd on to a partition and then install it as such. I'll let you know my results.

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    dobbydobby Posts: 796member
    Okay. I installed Tiger from onto my non DVD MAC thus.

    On my Tiger mac I have a disk with 2 partitions (tiger and Work). I used Disk util to erase the Work partition. I then used carbon copy cloner to copy the tiger DVD onto my partition.

    Put a firewire cable between the 2 macs.

    Reboot the tiger mac and hold down the T key until the firewire symbol appeared.

    Reboot the non-dvd mac and hold down the option key.

    Boot from the tiger partition (not the copied one).

    When up and running you will see the non-dvd mac local drive plus the 2 tiger drives Tiger and Work.

    Open the Work drive in a finder window and click on


    You may need to use disk utility to erase the non-dvd mac drive.

    Install as you normally would.

    When finish unplug the firewire cable and reboot the non-dvd mac and you have a tiger mac.

    I you don't have a spare partition you could save a disk image and the the above but mount the .dmg after you boot from the dvdmac Tiger drive via firewire.

    Simple huh!

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    dobbydobby Posts: 796member
    Its not my day today.

    This also works.

    Insert Tiger DVD in the DVD drive.

    Plug firewire cable into non dvd mac.

    Reboot non-dvd mac and hold down T key.

    Start the install of tiger on the dvd mac.

    Select the non-dvdmac firewire drive to install to.

    Much easier than pissing around with partitions.

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    xav3xxav3x Posts: 36member
    Thank you. It worked.. exactly as you stated in the previous post. Thank you very much.
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