First time Mac buyer: Decisions, Decisions

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Sup all. First time Mac buyer here and I need some advice.

I'm gonna buy the 2.3 G5 rig along with (at least as it stands right now) the Dell 24" widescreen lcd.

I wanted to get some feedback as to whether I should buy the x800xt or the 6800 ultra.

Since I have an education discount through, I can add the 6800 ultra card for $450. And I've seen the ATI x800xt for around $470 on some websites. I know most posts that I've found on this subject normally say "oh well the nvidia card is 100 bucks more and it's just not worth it." Well for me it's actually cheaper. Knowing that, which card should I buy? I plan on doing a lot of video editing work and some gaming (I will have another 19" Dell lcd for the 2nd monitor for the meantime).

Thanks in advance!



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