Apacer.Com Memory: Should I Do It?

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Okay, here i am right now in south east asia for the next few months, and just researching memory for my 256mb iBook g4 933mhz...

1. NOBODY does PC2100 anymore so it's PC2700

AppleCenter (official Apple dealers) are selling Kingston 512mb PC2700 for US $150... service, compatibility, i think they'll pop it in for free too

My local Mall dodgy-looking IT dealer is selling Apacer 512mb PC2700 for US $75... apacer lists iBook as compatible on its website, dealer said i could test it out there and then before purchasing to see if its compatible

(Remember that there is no Fedex ground, crucial, newegg or otherworldcomputing where i am right now)

AppleCenters have been normally a refreshing reliable almost Apple-Store-like alternative to the dodgy south-east-asian IT dealership scene

But I'm ready to maybe in the next few months go slummin' a bit, so to speak. should i risk trying out Apacer and other stuff in my iBook?

Your thoughts, rants, abuse appreciated 'coz i know y'all are actually doing work right now not just surfing apple news sites
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