should Apple pass on IBM?

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I wanted to start a new thread covering the status of IBM and their relationship with Apple. Lately (over the last several months) I seem to be seeing more and more bad news coming from IBM. Most notably I just read an article about them laying off another 13,000 employees. Is this just another red flag that these guys arent doing so well or is this just the result of their weak financial results a few weeks back?

I'm always devistated when I read about AMD and Intel slugging it out over dual core performance. I'm the first to admit this, but I dont know all the iner workings of this relationship Apple has with IBM, nor do I know what the advantages of sticking with them is. Can someone please fill me in on why this relationship has worked out when IBM seems to be struggling to deliver on many fronts and now that others are entering the dual core arena there is no clear answer from IBM?


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    Originally posted by Outsider


    I'm trying to decide if thats where your thought process stops or if this is your idea of humor...
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    Antares is coming. Brace yourself.
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    Originally posted by Placebo

    Antares is coming. Brace yourself.

    IBM is fine. They were a little down but nothing major. Losing 13k positions is tough but they just sold their PC division to Lenovo so I'm sure a bulk of jobs were lost there.

    We might wait more for the Apple/IBM product but we can be sure that whatever they ship will work.
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