Hotmail help...can only use httpmail with one account....

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I use the httpmail plugin to access my nearly decade-old

hotmail account using mail. Ok so far.

I also have another hotmail account that I use for certain

work projects and on certain applications that require an

email address. I have had this account for perhaps 2 years.

Recently, it's been forcing me to pass a security test

visually recognizing a series of letters and numbers, which

I can understand to avoid [email protected], but I am asked to do so

every three emails I send!!!

When I set up the second account in and try to

check mail I get the error:

Connection Failed

Could not connect to '[Your Account]'

Access to Hotmail via Outlook and Outlook Express

now requires a subscription. Please sign up at

Is there any way around this? Thanks! I've got Mail 1.3.11 on 10.3.9.



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    It's a really unfortunately and unwelcome thing that since (i don't know when)....but let's say 4 months ago Hotmail stopped the ability for new accounts to be checked via an email client . Well unless you pay for the service that is. It caused huge outcry at the time, when originally they wanted to stop ALL accounts, old and new from getting free email client access, so they tempered their intentions with making it so that only new accounts can't do this free of charge. I assume the account you can't access through a mail client is a newer account. Yes it sucks big time.

    They also periodically ask old account users to sign in manually to and do a Turing test which also sucks.
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