ATTENTION: Please read before posting new topic

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
Hi All

Please check through this forum for the subject you want to post before making a new and un-necessary topic if one already exists.

• If you want to know if you should buy now or wait for an update, please try and post in a thread that is discussing the type of computer you are after. All you will get in reply will be "If you need it now BUY".... not much point starting a new thread for that is there!

• Topics about the Apple Store being down will be deleted immediately.

• Threads about iPod or iPhone belong in their respective forums.

• If you find that your subject isnt already here then try to make your topic header as descriptive as possible (no single word headers) and please include some original content and not just "copy and pasted" links and/or articles from other sites.

If your still a little un-clear on this visit the Posting Guidelines


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