OS X Tiger API vs Avalon API

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I am not an expert in OS X programming, but I'd like to see what are the strengths in OS X API in comparison to Windows API. Where does OS X loose?

For example, windows says Avalon technology is cool. Is the a comparable OS X technology?


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    macroninmacronin Posts: 1,140member

    Originally posted by bazad

    For example, windows says Avalon technology is cool.

    Yeah, and if you read it on the Internet, it has to be true...

    Wow, Windows says that it's future tech is cool, gotta run out and get some of that...

    Can never have enough cool...

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    the generalthe general Posts: 649member
    and whats even cooler, is that windows says it, not microsoft or anyone else, but windows says it, wow, the windows in my house never talk.
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Come on guys, play nice.

    Avalon is Longhorn's new graphics API that is comparable to the Quartz/Quartz Extreme/Quartz 2D Extreme/Quartz Composer suite. We've all but the last two of those for a couple of years now.

    You can find more information at http://developer.apple.com/graphicsimaging/

    And, we now have CoreImage and CoreVideo in 10.4... for which Longhorn doesn't have an answer, I believe. Could be wrong.
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    jms698jms698 Posts: 102member
    I believe that Avalon creates the user interface in a full 3D scene. Windows can be rotated, twisted, morphed and moved about in all kinds of crazy ways (all of which have zero benefit for the user). It will also mean that the burder of drawing the GUI will be placed more on the graphics card and less on the CPU. At the moment Windows makes very little use of the graphics card. Expect Avalon to require a high-end graphics card with lots of video RAM.

    Quartz 2D Extreme does pretty much the same thing, although it doesn't highlight the 3D aspect as much as Microsoft is hyping it up in Avalon.
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    hirohiro Posts: 2,663member
    The desktop was a full OpenGL context in 10.2. That's been here for almost three years, had some 3rd party devs take a bit of advantage of that in 10.3 and it is still more than a year away for Avalon. Does that put the OSX suckage in perspective...
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