Dual 2.3... or a Dual 2.0

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I just got my dual 2.3 from Apple. As you'll see from the attached picture the System Profiler says Dual 2.3. But look! MySql Administrator thinks it's a dual G5- 1995mhz. What's up with that? Have apple just overclocked a dual 2.0?


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    o4blackwrxo4blackwrx Posts: 383member
    I have been thinking it was a 2.0Ghz overclocked but maybe that's just me, if you will tell me what specific program that is I will run it on my Rev. B 2.0Ghz PM and I will tell you what processor speed it has for me. Also could you please answer this question. What model is the Superdrive in your new 2.0Ghz? I want to upgrade my Pioneer DVR-107D. Thanks.
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    al123al123 Posts: 2member
    That program is mysqladministrator, you'll need and installation of mysql to run it though.

    The drive in the 2.3 G5 is a Sony DVD RW DW-Q28A.
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    Probably what is happening here is that the MySQL information is gathered based on what the system says that the chip is, rather than what speed it is. I've seen this happen in many apps. The developers just assumed that the fastest G5 was a 2.0 and never went back to write the code to actually ask the system what the clock speed was. My guess is that the MySQL isn't aware of the newer G5s.

    Apple does not "overclock" chips. That would be illegal.
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member

    Originally posted by lundy

    Apple does not "overclock" chips. That would be illegal.

    Uh, how?

    In any case, I believe this issue was observed with other chips. It has something to do with a setting for the highest integer that can be used in those kind of dialogues. It applied to Quake 3 as well.
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