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in macOS edited January 2014
If you're like me you'll have five pages of Widgets and if you're not sure what a widget is called you'll take a while to find it. Here's my solution add a spotlight search box to the dashboard to allow searching of widgets by name and function - simple but so much quicker. Also I would like to see a preference pane that allowed you to delete dashboard widgets - for the average user.

It would also be good to see a reindex button but that is different.


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    endymionendymion Posts: 375member
    Well, Widget Manager is your preference pane solution.
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    ipodandimacipodandimac Posts: 3,273member
    anybody else having widgets randomly disappear? i haven't checked out the manager yet, but i hope it will keep track of my widgets better than finder.
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    frenkpfrenkp Posts: 2member
    I found a nice widgetsite

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