iS Tiger an upgrade, or the full version of OSX?

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My mate is having a prob.

Now I think Tiger is the full OS, and that you should be able to install it on a machine that is only currently running os9. My theory is based on the fact that they don't seel upgrades of OSX... so each new version would be both an upgrade for people who already have OSX, and also a full version of OSx.

Anyway, my mate has a Mac, I think a g4 tower, and he got Tiger, but when he tried to install it it tells him that it cannot proceed as there is no version of OSX yet on the Mac. He is currently using OS9. Should this be happening? Is he too late to get into the OSX market with such an old machine?

Is this some weird Apple conspiracy to get people to buy new machines if they are still using old machines with OS9?


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    chychchych Posts: 860member
    It is full version, so the installation should work. Make sure you are doing a "clean" install, not an upgrade. Just boot off the CD directly.

    When does the error occur?
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