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in macOS edited January 2014
On my powerbook in Panther I noticed I didnt have a Serial Number. I click and cycle through the

- Version Number

-Build XXXX

- Serial Number: No text

I then did an Archive and Install of Tiger and still, no Serial Number.

I'm sure I had it in the beginning, but, now its gone.

Should I be concerned? Is there a way to "bring it back"?


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    Have you tried going into System Profiler/Hardware Overview?

    Your serial number should be there at the bottom.

    If not, while then I really don't know.

    If you registered it you could go to Apple's site and scribble it down just so you have an offline copy I suppose.
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    jambojambo Posts: 3,036member
    If you had your logic board repaired or replaced you won't see your serial number in ASP. Also if it's an old machine (pre-slot-load iMac) you won't see it here either.
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    Jambo... thats it. I had had it replaced about 5 months ago.

    Weird though... I thought I'd just get a new ID or something..

    Ah well.
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