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So, anybody get their hands on a copy --- or even know anything about it. It's shipping now, right?


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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    Maya is very sloooooooow
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    I have a "copy", but I can't open it.
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    I've seen it running on 10.1 with a few quirks...

    running the gave about 7 min on a Dual 500MHz G4 (only using 1 proc). This is the same speed as a 500MHz PIII.

    Sad, but true. Just give it more time, at least until 3.5.1 comes out. This will sort out the glitches with 10.1. I don't know if / when altivec optimizations will come... 4.0?
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    Yeah. Its got nice controls but is slow. The quality is also a little lacking, but hey.
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    yup it's pretty slow...

    rendertest, result=00:07:58 on my PB G4 667... gosh, the UI is slow too.
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    [quote]I don't know if / when altivec optimizations will come... 4.0?


    They might not help, noting that 4 X 32bit precision SIMD is quite useless for 64 bit rendering except for pre-fetch optomizations and such,

    Though I admit, the G4 500 should do a bit better than the P3 500 in this, I would think.
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    jjjj Posts: 48member
    Yeah, it is very slow, it does not export shockwave 3d yet, nor does its MP aware. It is also currently "uncertified" for 10.1 and nvidia cards, and dual monitors cause problems rendering textured particles in the hardware render buffer. I must run 10.0.4 at work on my g4 500 mp to use maya.... according to tech support 10.1 has rendering issues.

    All problems aside, it is the most amazing software I hav ever used and I am still managing to be productive with it.

    I hope the first update comes out soon because 10.0.4 is driving me nuts now that I run 10.1 on my g4 450 at home. I am also concerned about "maya worthy" hardware becoming available, especially workstation class video cards.
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    mayamaya Posts: 28member
    jj: Have you heard from A|W support when 3.5.1 will come out?

    I'd love to switch from Win2k to OSX, but not until 4.0 comes out for OSX. Unlimited is not such a big deal for me, as I'm only on Complete here, and I don't see my boss shelling out AUD$16k for the upgrade...
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    jjjj Posts: 48member
    Unlimited could could have some "trickle down" effects for mac users, but I look at it like the chicken or egg senario.

    graphics card company: "They've got Unlimited for mac, we should port our XXX to OS X"

    A|W :"There isn't any serious graphics support for OS X, so why port Unlimited?"

    Of course it isn't that simple. I'll never be able to justify the purchase of Unlimited, but I am all for anything that contributes to the use of the Mac as a legit highend 3d platform.

    When I talked to support they were rather vague and said it could be weeks or months, and that was a month ago.
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    I could justify the purchase of Unlimited...although I have no money.
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    Maya is awesome. It is slow, and I only have a one button mouse which is a real pain in the rear. Other than that, it is simply capable of doing things I never thought I would be able to do. It is extremely complicated (I think, at least, compared to other 3d progs) and therefor takes some serious time committed to it to learn, but it really is fun to learn. I don't know about $7000 fun, but fun nonetheless. Could someone fill me in on what is going to be in Maya unlimited that is going to make it cost another $9000 ($16,000? sh*t, software or new car, software or new car, tough decision) I mean I can already do more in maya 3.5 than i was ever able to do (well) in lightwave, what more can be in unlimited. Rendering takes a long time, but the results are worth it. I mean, even bryce takes time to render, but the results don't even compare.
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