Sony and Toshiba to Agree on Unified HD Disc Format?

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Who knows what it will be called if the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD disc formats combine, but from the articles I have been reading, it looks as though the majority of the format will be Blu-Ray, with copywrite protection coming from the HD-DVD format. We can only speculate, but who knows we might have an answer here by May 16, next Monday.

If they do agree on a unified format by Monday, when do we think PowerMac's would include the drives?


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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,230member

    Toshiba reacted fast to the report and said ?absolutely no decision has been made for unification on any basis? and called the report?s claims ?unfounded and erroneous.?

    Doesn't look like it's going to happen. The new 45GB and DL/DL discs coming from the DVD Forum look to be new weapons against Blu-Ray. The Plot Thickens yet again.
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    marzetta7marzetta7 Posts: 1,320member
    Yeah, I read your post. It seems we posted withing 2 minutes of one another. The plot thickens indeed....I don't think this announcement will help at all in negotiating a unified format. It seems a format war is almost inevitable if in fact Toshiba plans to go forward with this type of disc or is capable of producing such a disc in a short period of time. I wonder what the cost is of making such a disc is compared to a Blu-Ray disc. Does it throw away the proposed cost savings that the Toshiba camp alleged? Hmm? What are the differences in Blu-Ray's and Toshiba's copywrite protection schemes? Questions, questions, questions....Playstation is supposed to debut next week as well. And I'm sure that will create a good Blu-Ray buzz. It'll probably come down to good ol marketing, market penetration, and whom the studios will side with that will determine the successor. Damn, and I was hoping for no format war...yet maybe there's still hope.
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    kwsanderskwsanders Posts: 327member
    This is great thing for the consumers. I am glad that we do not have multiple formats like we do with DVD-R and DVD+R. Hopefully they will do this right the first time and get past it.
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