New iBook vs. clamshell iBook build QA...

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I had a chance to see a one week old top-of-the-line 14" iBook sitting next to an orange iBook today. The two obvious things of course, new iBooks feel fast compared to the clamshells. New screens are brighter than originals. I know this could be in large part due to age of the orange clam.

The other thing is, the clamshell looks and feels to be made of better quality materials. The white iBooks feel somewhat thrown together by comparison. I'm not attacking your iBooks, 'K...

I admit that I find white-colored plastic computers to put me off aesthetically. That's just my personal taste.

Before someone asks, "what's your point?", heh, there is no point. Just sharing an observation.


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    g_warreng_warren Posts: 713member
    I'm totally cool with the build quality of my 12in G4 iBook, feels really solid, the only problem being that it is too easy to scratch or scuff the lid.

    I find the 14in a bit plasticy though. The amount of plastic around the keyboard really puts me off, and I think the 12in is a more more attractive beast. This design is years old now, but still looks better, and feels more solid than any PC laptop for the price that I've seen.
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    the new screens are actually better/brighter ... it's not a function of design.

    As for the clamshell build-quality... they are rock-solid. If you ever dissassemble one, you'll find a LOT of "buffer zone" in there around the edges (compared to new 'books). They could take a TON of abuse... sort of like the "Timex watch of laptops".

    My clamshell has been inherited by my kids and despite their best efforts, they've been unable to destroy it
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    hodog16hodog16 Posts: 16member
    I bought the grey clamshell iBook back in college and loved it. Still works well although the battery life is down as expected.

    I have toyed with the white iBooks since and I agree the original iBooks felt more solid.
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    When Steve first demoed the clamshell iBook, he had Phil Schiller jump off a 20-foot high platform on the stage holding the iBook and it continued to communicate wirelessly as Phil landed on the cushion below. This was of course after Steve passed a Hula-Hoop® around the computer to show that there were no wires going to it.
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    sunilramansunilraman Posts: 8,133member
    my ibook g4 14" 933mhz has taken a lot of abuse and it holds up well, including a complete swap out (by an Apple tech) of the LCD panel (it still has the original lcd display 'frame' around it...

    aesthetics aside, build quality is decent for the amount of abuse it has been through
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