Denying a given application network/internet access

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I have Microsoft Office on my computer and my mom's laptop, which is in complete compliance with the EULA, and when we're both logged on and using Word, which is often, a window will pop up on both of our screens forcing us to close Word. I find it a wee bit creepy that MS bothers to do this in the first place; and it annoys me a lot since what we're doing is legal.

How would I quarantine Word or any other app (or Word's "snoop around the network" service daemon) from gaining network access?


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    omegaomega Posts: 427member
    An application called LittleSnitch monitors outgoing traffic and lets you deny Office from poking around the LAN
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    Ah, just what I needed. I had heard of it before, but never though of getting it. Thanks!
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    omegaomega Posts: 427member
    You can also do it manually in the terminal by adjusting your firewall, and I think NetBarrier also blocks outgoing transmissions as well.

    If you want the terminal instructions I can dig up a site I know which has an excellent explanation, but it was quite long and involved.
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