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Anyone know if and when the new mp3pro format will make it to iTunes and iPod? Seems like it would improve the performance and demand for them.


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    1,000 songs in your pocket is a nice round number. 2,000 songs in your pocket is less so.

    You could probably make a firmware patch for the iPod that would allow you to use MP3Pro.
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    Thats nice and all for marketing. But I couldnt care. Apple has allowed for firmware upgrade for the iPod, so why not upgrade it to mp3pro so you could fit even more songs on with better quality?
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    I haven't heard of mp3pro, where can I read more about this format?

    EDIT: Just in case someone else here was as lost as I was in AI's absence, here is more info:

    <a href=",4586,5083015,00.html"; target="_blank">,4586,5083015,00.html</a>;

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    [Okay, now that I am 'educated' on this topic...]

    MP3Pro is backwards compatible, so why wouldn't iPod--or any other Hardware/Software MP3 Player already support the format?

    I just downloaded one from, and it played okay.

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