moving ipod from PC to MAC

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i hope you can help me with an ipod photo puchase.

ive just got out of hospital and will be going back in less than 2 and a half weeks (after 5 years remission my leukemia has came back - not sweet but my outlook is good!!)

i REALLY want to order an ipod photo 60gb so i can rip my large CD collection and listen while i am in for my second go of chemo (around 6 weeks in hospital)

my question is, i have a bug ridden virus filled PC running windowsXP that WONT connect to the internet. just at the moment i cant afford a MAC (looking like i want an imac 1.8G) AND the ipod.... im wondering is it possible to load up itunes on the windows PC rip away to my hearts content, fill up the ipod photo and then at a later date just plug the ipod into my new iMAC?

WITH NO ISSUES (or if there are what might they be?)

im currently using linux to access the internet.

any help in answering this question poitivly will result in an instant visit from me to apple store

cheers for your time



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    really like to order today


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    halijanhalijan Posts: 24member
    Bad luck about the luekemia, hope things clear up for you. With the iPod to Mac, this is fine. You can download one of many ipod Song transfer programs to transfer your songs to the Mac when you buy it.
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    Cheers for the Reply

    i Downloaded iTunes eventually (on dialup SLOW) and ripped a few CDs so am happy enough to go on with my purchase

    The Leukimea ive beaten before.... so cheers for the encouragment

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