archive and install for Tiger ?

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My external harddrive is busted, so I'm out of luck trying to do backups. If I choose Archive and Install in Tiger (Im running 10.3.8 ) will it archive my users folders as well ? Ive never used this option before, as I usually backs up everthing and then do a clean instal after a format.

What I'm wondering is does it keep:





/usr/local - I know, far fetched one

How about the users emails ? I know they are stores in ~/Library/Mail but are they automatically transferred over ?

And how about the ~/.bash_profile and such files ?

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    jwink3101jwink3101 Posts: 739member
    If you tell it to preserve users (i think chosen by default) then it will. I think most of the library was kept as was apps. The older apple apps installed by Panther were moved with the Tiger Archive and Install. I have no clue about the usr directory.

    I would highly suggest dishing out the money and getting a new external drive or at least backing up the really important stuff to disk
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