What happens when I install the new Airport?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I don't wanna try it. I''ve got a system that works as it stands. I've got a Pismo and an iMac with Airport cards inside, connected wirelessly to an old Airport base station, which is connected to my cable modem. Can I get any useful benefits from upgrading to Aiport 2.0?


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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    I upgraded to AirPort 2.0 and have had no problems.

    My basestation acts as a router (and performs NAT) for both wired and wireless clients. All my settings were preserved during the update.

    So far I've only noticed better support. Occasionally, it used to drop out during periods of high activity (aka LimeWire), but now I've had nary a problem. The new base stations are pretty slick though...
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