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For my personal "everything" computer, I use a 20" iMac G4, and I love the machine to death - especially the bluetooth mouse. I haven't bothered with a bluetooth keyboard, since I only use the machine at my desk in my office. So far, so good.

Downstairs in my music room, I have an older G4 800 quicksilver running OS 10.2.3 that I use for digital audio only, and this machine has been rock solid from the start running Digital Performer 4 through a MOTU 1224. Since I'm always both part performer and recording engineer when using this machine, I have made a little desk for the keyboard and mouse so I can control the transport controls for DP while also playing the double bass (a LARGE instrument ) or grand piano (a LARGER instrument ). Problem is, my USB cable only stretches so far, and I'd like to be able to position the transport desk anywhere in the 15'x16' room. So...

Can my quicksilver be retrofitted with bluetooth? If so, what OS would I have to upgrade to? If not, what is the longest USB cable that I can get so I don't have to daisy-chain a bunch of little ones together? Thanks in advance!


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    You can get a USB Bluetooth dongle for $29 or so ... it should work with any version of OSX 10.1 or newer.

    However, your BT mouse/keyboard has a limited range .... they say 30+ feet, but if you want consistent/smooth control, you might want to keep it closer than that.
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