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I just recieved my 15" PowerBook and I want to get the music from my PC to the new PowerBook. I've heard the best way to do it is just to connect them via ethernet. Well... I've done so and I do not know what to do next. I do not see the PowerBook in the network places of my PC or anything.... I probably have to enable some sharing, but I'm pretty much inept at this point.

Any ideas?


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    zenloofzenloof Posts: 23member

    I setup my wireless network and everything runs fine and smooth... UNTIL I start to transfer my iTunes music from my PC to my PowerBook. As it begins to transfer everything is okay then it stops transferring and all the bars in the connectivity icon in the top right of the screen go away for about 4 seconds - then they return but by now the transfer of music has completely stopped. What's going on?
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    i actually just did this too for my iBook. although the windows computers did show up on my mac. i just set the music folder on my PC to share its contents, then i located it from my mac and copied it over. however, keep in mind wireless is much slower than wired. my house has an 802.11b wireless network and it said it was gonna take 4 hours to transfer. i cancelled that, plugged it into my switch and it did it in about 20mins.
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    zenloofzenloof Posts: 23member
    Well I dont mind the time it takes... it's just that when I try to copy the music over, it will start doing it for about 10 seconds then the wireless will cut out for like 3 seconds, come back - leaving me with a failed file transfer.
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    have you tried plugging it straight into the router/switch?
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    zenloofzenloof Posts: 23member
    No, I haven't. I'm pretty sure that will work. But I want to know why my wireless isn't being fully operational. It should work this way!
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    yea thats true. you should try resetting the router and see if that helps. just unplug it, wait about 30sec, then plug it back in. see if that helps at all
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    zenloofzenloof Posts: 23member
    The direct connection DOES work FYI. So it isn't an airport problem or anything. The router reboot didnt solve the problem.
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    can you send smaller files via wireless? maybe the size of the file causes it to crap out. just a guess though lol
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    zenloofzenloof Posts: 23member
    I'm still pretty sure my wireless shouldnt crap out when I transfer _any_ size file.. Anyone have any idea why this happens?
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    cnuco2007cnuco2007 Posts: 73member
    maybe there is interference. you could try setting the wireless to a diff channel
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    zenloofzenloof Posts: 23member
    If there were interference, would the transfer still allow me to send for 5-10 seconds every time? I would think that it would be random when the transfer gets cut off.

    But, in any case, I'll try anyway -- how do I change the channel? and what should I change it to?
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    cnuco2007cnuco2007 Posts: 73member
    depends what router ur on. if ur on a linksys then goto but if its nethign else im not really sure. if its an airport base station, then there is an admin utility in ur Applications/Utilities folder. you can try that. as for what channel, i dont know. prolly ne channel. my linksys router defaults to 6. but i can change it to many diff ones.
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