Beep, beep. Why?

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Hi all

My Mac Mini makes a kind of 'meep' sound around once every 10 - 15 seconds. I have no idea why. I thought it might be some kind of notification or something, but there is no new mail, no appointment reminder, no application beeping for attention or anyting like that.

Has anyone come across this? Would anyone know why this is happening? I run 10.3.9, have the $499 Mini with no extras or upgrades.

Thanks and cheers


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    idaveidave Posts: 1,283member
    Is the sound coming from the speaker, i.e. an alert sound, or is it from the hardware itself? No idea at this point.
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    tilttilt Posts: 396member
    It does not seem to be coming from the speakers, it seems to be coming from the hardware itself. It is a very low-volume sound and does not seem to change in volume irrespective of what I set my volume at.

    Trouble is, the sound is not always there. It is there sometimes and sometimes not, like now for example. There is no sound now.

    I am not really concerned, as the machine seems to be functioning well. It just bugs me that i am unable to isolate the sound and its cause.

    Thanks and cheers
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    danosaurdanosaur Posts: 258member
    I really have no idea but my guess has something to do with the Hard Drive. I had a problem with my iPod a while back where it would spin up then make a beep from the hardware.

    Just a guess.
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