Terminal prob on iMac g5.........can I ?

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My iMac G5 has gone from annoying to busted in 3 days.

I am not accustomed to swapping out hardware, so can someone let me know if this solution ( to keep me working) is feasable?

Take out the iMac's HD (is that tricky?) and swap it with the HD in an external Firewire enclosure.

Use the swapped out Firewire disc to boot up an iBook G3 700 (not sure exactly how you do that either!), and be able to keep working, albeit rather more slowly.

Alo, anyone know if Apple will take back the iMac for repair B]without[/B] the hard drive?

The iMac's problem seems to be pretty common if you read the Apple support forums. Starts off with a juddering and blurred and frozen desktop (only for a few seconds). Finally results in a black screen with some white pixels scattered around. Folks on the forum are reporting swollen and indeed oozing capacitors, when they inspect the innards.

Thanks for any advice. Piot


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    omegaomega Posts: 427member
    Can't help you I'm afraid, though you should be able to boot from the external HD if it has an OS on it.

    What I would say is that you might not get as many replies as you think as you used the word "Terminal" in your thread name, meaning many people are thinking you are talking about the application.


    And hope all goes well.

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    swapping out the HD is easy on the G5 iMAcs.... almost as easy as a PowerMac.

    The actual drive inside your external enclosure is a normal drive ....

    The only thing I'm not sure of .... does an SATA drive (like inside the iMac) have a different pin-layout on the back of the drive than an old-style ATA drive (like in the external enclosure) ?

    And in older iMacs, swapping the HD voided the warranty ... but they intentionally made that easier to do on the G5's ... so it may be OK now. You'd really have to check with Apple on that one.
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    allinoneallinone Posts: 279member
    As Nicholas Negroponte would say: why would want to move the atoms when all you need is the bits?

    Couldn't you just copy the data from the iMac to the Firewire Drive?

    If the iMac is not currently usable due to a display problem do it this way:

    + Plug the firewire drive into your iBook.

    + Plug the iMac into your iBook via firewire.

    + Put the iMac into "Target Disk Mode" (see the sticky posting for details on how to do this).

    When both drives have mounted on your desktop copy your files from the iMac to the Firewire drive.

    I think that would work and would not have any warrenty issues...

    Hope this helps.

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