OS 10.3.9 security problems...

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I've started having weird security problems with 10.3.9. Any ideas? This is after multiple Safe Boots and repairing of permissions and macjanitoring.

I can't log into MSN Messenger, it says my password is bad. I can run VPC/W2k/MSNM and login fine. I can login on pc's.

I can't access secured pages like banking sites in Safari 1.3. I get this error.. Safari can?t open the page ?https://xxx.xxx.org/? because it couldn?t establish a secure connection to the server ?xxx.xxx.org?. I can access these sites with Firefox.

When I go to to the accounts system pref, Login Options is grayed out and I can't switch users.

When I try to run Disk Utility, DU will freeze and say a background process it needs didn't start.

When I run Keychain Access it will first say.. An error occurred, unable to use the current keychain. After that if I run Keychain First Aid I get this error...

Repair started

Checking keychain configuration for opuscroakus (user ID=501)

Home directory is /Users/opuscroakus

Error: unable to communicate with the "SecurityServer" process. Please restart your machine and try again. If this does not correct the error, you may need to reinstall the system software.

Repair failed

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