Xbox 360 Could Be Compatible With Apple's IPod

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Hey guys, dont know if anyone has posted this yet...


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    e1618978e1618978 Posts: 6,074member

    Originally posted by Mike Moscow

    Hey guys, dont know if anyone has posted this yet...

    This is good for Apple - more iPods sold.

    Microsoft will have to use DRM - does that mean that they have to licence the AAC DRM from iTunes? Or is there some other DRM that iPods support also?
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    argonautargonaut Posts: 124member

    Hey guys, dont know if anyone has posted this yet...

    Er... Yes.. see below..


    Hmmm... Just watched E3 show I downloaded.. XBOX360 looks great I have to say.. Can't wait till it's hacked.. ;-)

    Also, when they talked about integrating with your digital media, they specifically said "and we even talk to our competitors equipment" (audience laughter) and a picture of an iPod is shown on screen along with other devices... go figure..

    I beat Forbes to it... cool..
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,258member
    PHUC !

    GD popup infested site. I didn't even stay to read their shitty little article.

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    republicrepublic Posts: 168member
    The Xbox 360 has USB 2.0 ports. Drives connecting through USB, PSPs and iPods included, seem able to connect with the 360, so I wouldn't consider this some huge coup for Apple or Sony. It's just USB-ness, I guess?
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    pdubyupdubyu Posts: 13member
    My question is how far this USB-ness is going to go?

    If I can connect USB2.0 devices (iPod, PSP, digicam flash card... even hard drive), why would I want to get MCE2005?

    I hope I'm wrong but I still think MS wants to sell MCE2005. They have definitely been talking up the built-in extender functionality with the XBox360.
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