Fonts, Menus, and Modificationns in OS X

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I'm happy to see suitcase come to OS X but was unhappy to see that no font menu app was included.

I'd like an app/daemon that provides a heirarchical font menu, user definable groups, font previews etc directly from any apps font menu. Suitcase's old MenuFont was half way there. Apples font panel doesn't cut it and only works with Cocoa apps.

Given all the different application APIs I suppose writing a system wide font menu modification might be quite a challenge. Frankly I think the tools for this should have been provided by Apple.

Anyone know of an existing/upcoming thingy that'll make me a happy font-meister? How hard would it really be to provide such a feature set?


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    Hate to post on my post but I forgot a question...

    I have a license for Fontographer but in the 5-6 years I've had it I don't think it has ever been updated. Dead App.

    Anyone know of an equivelant app that might find it's way to OS X? I'd especially be interested in some of the funky features of Opentype and ATSUI. The lack of uptodate apps like this seems to be an odd ommission for the artist-computer-of-choice.

    I suppose I'm dreaming again...
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