Star Trek.

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
Let's see... beyond the rumor sites... backstage pass to the future... yadda yadda....

So there's that other post about Speech Recognition. There's also an embedded PPC chip with low power consumption and a hardware voice recognition module.

I could write a whole big post about this, but I think you can figure it out. I think the iMac will not only be your computer in the way that the current one is, but in the way that all of those dorky actors would go "Computer, get me a listing of all.... ". If there's an Apple PDA, it'll have some type of Star Trek Communicator function, e.g "Scotty, two to beam up", but you'll be contacting the base computer.

Wacky, yeah. No wackier than some of the other crap that's been thrown out on this board. I'm thinking advanced speech recognition, natural language parsing, possibly advanced text to speed capabilities, and an intelligent agent.

Beat that, apple.


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