Iphoto batch change problem

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Okay, anybody ever have this problem. All of a sudden "batch change" won't work. I've tried deleting the prefs. I've tried deleting all of my photo's and reinstalling them, I've even tried deleting the entire app and then reinstalling it. Still no batch change. It just stopped working. I've search Apple's support site and found something about deleting the "apple.com batch monitor plist" but there was no such file in the preferences folder.

Any suggestions?



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    santasanta Posts: 67member
    For batch change to become active.

    1. A roll must be open

    2. One or more photos in the roll must be selected.

    Are you doing the above?
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    stageronstageron Posts: 36member
    Of course. I've been using the batch change feature since it's been introduced. It just stopped working one day for no apparent reason.
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