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Hey guys I'm really interested in web design and animation. I have two questions. I wanted to know where could I go to get some basic tutoring without coughing up big bucks?

2. What are some good programs that I could by that would help me get started?


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    braidibraidi Posts: 12member
    Macromedia Studio MX is a great package for animation/web design. There are 3 main programs bundled with it and I think a few other little things like Cold Fusion but I have never used it and I think it has to do with web server scripts or something. Anyway, Dreamweaver is a program that is included that lets you design web pages and stuff. Then there is Flash which lets you make flash animations and all that, and there is also Fireworks which is for graphic design and photo editing and stuff. Kinda like a stripped down Photoshop or Illustrator. Those are some great programs that I reccomend you get. You can find some good discounts on ebay (especially acedemic if you qualify). Then you can find those little books like Dreamweaver for dummies, or those little tutorials on ebay. I have never tried them but some of them look ok.
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    thanks i'm gonna check that out...i appreciate your help
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    4fx4fx Posts: 258member
    Its important to learn the basics of HTML before starting to use a graphical editor to do web design, though I wouldnt say you need to know it inside and out. The basics of CSS is also important to grasp. You can do a search on Amazon for an HTML/CSS book, or search for a website that has tutorials on it.

    There are two ways to do web design. One is by coding the pages manually (not my cup of tea) and the other is to use a graphical program. Dreamweaver is the most widely used of these. Another option is Adobe GoLive, which is included with the Creative Suite 2 Pro (not the Standard version).

    If you go with GoLive, a good place to start is the GoLive Classroom in a Book (the same goes for all the Adobe programs). If you go with Dreamweaver the Dreamweaver H.O.T. (Hands on Training) book is pretty decent.

    Macromedia Flash is really the only option for web animation and the Flash H.O.T. book is great.

    Another issue is graphics, no matter what you do you will need a program to edit and compress images. I prefer Photoshop/Imageready. But Macromedia Fireworks is also an option and Dreamweaver, Flash and it are all included with the Macromedia Suite.

    If you are serious about it, I would either go with the Adobe Creative Suite 2 or Macromedia's Suite. However, as someone who uses the Creative Suite but also Dreamweaver and Flash, I am concerned about what is going to happen now that Adobe has just purchased Macromedia. We will have to see what happens, but for now I think Im going to hold off on the Macromedia Suite and learn GoLive.
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    braidibraidi Posts: 12member
    It would be sweet if Adobe would combine the features of like dreamweaver/go live, photoshop/illustrator/fireworks, flash/live motion. There are other programs out there that do Flash animation and kinda simplify it. There is a program called swish that has text animation presets and things like that. It simplifies Flash and makes it a little more friendly, but it can also be really different if you aren't used to it.
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    johnqjohnq Posts: 2,763member
    Ideally don't waste money on books just go to the library or get info for free on the web. After a while you'll know what books are worth owning, or you amass good online resources.

    Books tend to be expensive and instantly out of date.

    Plus Adobe bought Macromedia and potentially books now will be even more useless 6-12 months from now.

    Anyway don't learn "commercial programs" more than "programming".

    No one will hire you for "knowing DreamWeaver" if you don't know the underlying HTML/CSS/JavaScript coding concepts.

    The programs are niceties, tools to make your coding easier. But they can't/ shouldn't do the coding for you. They seldom can. First thing that gets broken you are screwed. Or if a client wants a fancy feature added that your Adobe/MM program can't do, you're stuck.
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    keotkeot Posts: 116member
    If you wish to learn how to design and make websites, w3schools is the place to read.

    Try making your first experimental websites using nothing else but a simple text editor. Then once you have some understanding of XHTML and CSS, I'd begin using something like Dreamweaver.

    As for animation - I don't know.
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