iPod Woes

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Hey guys, my iPod is on the fritz. A folder icon with a ! is coming up when I try to turn it on. When I can get it to work, the music is sometimes really scratchy and it turns off abruptly. I'm not sure what is wrong. Do you guys have any ideas? It's a 10gb 1st gen iPod.


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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    The easiest thing to do is backup the iPod data (except songs), reformat the iPod and then restore your music and data.

    That fixes most software problems. Hardware problems... you don't want to know.
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    did you try the ipod software updater? they usually have thoughs coming out on new versions and such....
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    Yea, that's kinda what I meant. You reformat using the iPod utility. Either way, this is a 1st gen iPod so software updates have stopped for quite some time.
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    I tried to reformat and it still doesn't work. The folder icon is still showing up. Do you think it may be the hard drive? Do I just need to get a new one? Is it worth getting fixed? The firewire connector is also messed up, I have to lift up on the wire to get it to mount.
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    I'd say your iPod has some serious issues. Repair may cost a bunch and I would look into another or more personally, a mini.
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